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EVOLUMINATE • All-Season Hooded Windbreaker Jacket

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  • Material: Cotton / Polyester / Satin
  • Custom cut & sew a garment from raw fabric
  • Color: Black, White
  • Embroidered hood pattern
  • Prints on hood, shoulder, sleeve, front right, and back of the garment 
  • The sublimated satin interior of hood and body 
  • Printed drawstrings on collar and hem
  • Wind and water-resistant body
  • Hem can be tied to tighten and protect from the elements
  • Cruelty-Free



  • This item is unisex but runs true to male standard sizing. 
  • We accept returns/exchanges within 45 days of purchase.
    • Model info coming soon! 




  • Method: Embroidery, Screen Printing, Sublimation
  • Front Chest: "Evoluminate," Third Eye, DNA, Merkaba, Sacred Geometry, "Evolve Your Perception" in Chinese 
  • Left Wrist Graphic: Lotus flower, with DNA strain, into the flower of life with faces reflecting on both sides. 
  • Right Arm Graphic: Text "Art By Glenn Thomson x Rage Nation" x "To find the answer look within." Glenn's geometric logo inside the text characters.
  • Back Print: Glenn Thomson's "Evoluminate" artwork with the quote "I felt strongly in that moment that if I could heal, then our humanity would be able to heal too."
  • Hood: Star Tetrahedron with the text "Evoluminate" x "Evolve Your Perception" in Chinese characters
  • Hood Strings: Evolve Your Perception
  • Interior Jacket: Evoluminate artwork



The artwork is a collaboration between Glenn Thomson and R.A.G.E Nation Apparel.


About Glenn Thomson:

Inspired by the balance of nature and the divinity within human consciousness, Canadian geometric/visionary artist Glenn Thomson bridges the divide between the mystical & the conceivable. Utilizing the ancient wisdom of sacred geometry, Glenn brings forth hand-drawn works of intricate symmetrical vision. Just as vibrations naturally bring cymatic patterns into formation, the tuned human mind can nurture and expand the beautiful patterns within us all.

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