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Cyberpunk Futuristic Jacket

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The best cyberpunk futuristic Jacket and techwear vest

The futuristic jacket is inspired by Japanese meca manga (Ghost in the shell), dystopian video games (cyberpunk 2077), and black futuristic outfits. White patterns on this darkwear clothing symbolize technology, laptop interface, and hackers design. The skull style is a mix between the ancient Japanese samurai helmet and a modern death logo. If you love Japanese aesthetic, you should defintely have a look to this samurai jacket cyberpunk. This style is popular in Akira manga (clown bosozoku gang)...

  • Techwear vest style: cyberpunk vest, black darkwear
  • Material: heavy polyester and cotton, adjustable drawstring, long zip
  • Machine washable: 86 °F (30 °C)
  • Free shipping
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